About Beta Pi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi

About Beta Pi

The Beta Pi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was established in 1889, fifty years after Beta Theta Pi was founded. There are 137 chapters nationwide, and over 131,000 living alumni of Beta Theta Pi. The Beta Pi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is a part of the Interfraternity Council at the University of Minnesota, and has been chartered, uninterrupted, for 126 years.

Beta Pi focuses on being active in the community, academics, and challenging ourselves to become better men every day. The house (shown on the left) was orginally built in 1927, and recently went through a $1 Million rennovation which was fully funded by our alumni.

Involvement in the Community and Campus

Beta throws one major philanthropy event in the fall and spring. In the fall, our event, 'Light the Row', is a holiday themed event where guests can come decorate cookies, drink hot chocolate and cider, and participate in some friendly contests! We also decorate the outside of the house with lights and have a mini light show where the lights blink with the holiday music that is playing. In the spring, our event, 'Beta Theta Pies', is where guests can come get a slice of pie and then throw a whipped cream pie at any Beta of their choice's face! All of our proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Beta is often coordinating exchanges with other fraternities and sororities. This allows for strong relations with other members of greek life. Some events we've had in the past include: karaoke, barbeques, movie nights, etc.

Joining Beta doesn't mean you can't join other student groups; in fact, we encourage it. We believe that joining multiple student groups allows for our members to become more well-rounded and getting the most out of their college experience instead of being one-dimentional with just Beta. In the past, many members have held top positions on campus for many different groups, including student body president.

Beta Pi Facts

Evan Jobin

Andrew Park
Vice President, Brotherhood

Devansh Kalra
Vice President, Communications

Malcom Smith
Vice President, Risk Management

Chase Uebelhart
Vice President, Programming

Chayden Bohm
Vice President, Finance

Eric Swenson
Vice President, Recruitment

David Bock
Vice President, New Member Education

Jonathan Giesler
Vice President, Ritual